Sculpture by Mark Behme

Poetry by JoAnne Growney




Drop Dead Gorgeous and Cupcake Boy Email.jpg


"Drop Dead Gorgeous" and "Cupcake Boy"


Lovely Love


A beautiful girl and a pretty boy

are a match that's bound to happen--

for both know how to kiss and tell

and to love (both quickly and often).


He brags that she's drop-dead gorgeous;

he's sweeter than chocolate, she cries.

Helpless voyeurs, we watch when they kiss

to see if they open their eyes.


The world most loves a story of love

whose lovers love much too much--

for then a sad ending is certain to come

and the rest of us feel our good luck.





Split Tale 1.jpgSplit Tale 2.jpg


Split Tale 3.jpg        "Split Tales"


Which Girl Am I?

The girl who's not forced to divide

into the good girl and the real one

is a lucky one.  I was eleven

when I felt a crack begin.

In time I fully split--two minds

took on two heads, two faces,

two cuts of hair.  Mock feelings

serve as well as true ones,

I told myself --but buried parts

still surface like cicadas in their year.


Long division is difficult

and plagued with remainders.


A girl with two heads

is like a bird with one wing.




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