Artist Jessica Baker lives and works in Brooklyn.  We met when both of us were artists-in-residence at Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park in Skagway, Alaska in April-May 2003.  We have enjoyed an exchange of art and ideas ever since.


Floating 1   Jessica Baker  

Mixed Media on Wood


Floating 2    Jessica Baker






by JoAnne Growney


My best dream is floating

          with legs and arms spread,

          paper doll spiraling the wind.

I relax with some peopleó

ones that donít like me:

          my words canít harm;

          I wonít disappoint.


My best dream is floating

          cool-sleek in water, circled by whalesó

          taking their drift, dropping gently down.


Age resets my evening, 

eight o'clock disappears.

             Words escape

             at the speed of light.


My best dream is floating

          at silent breakfast tables with men I donít know

          whom I love then and the rest of my life.


Contraptions spin my head,

numerals count my numb days.

          My tongue wraps

          around comfortable words.


My best dream is floating

            from number to number, but between two

            are more.  Infinity in a moment.


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