Lines of DISCOVERY with alternating voices, WEST and EAST


Annoyance, Resistance, Curiosity … open the way to discovery.

Squint at the brightness and dream the discovery of discovery.

Children aren’t the only ones with the privilege of discovery.

Discover the joy of billowing white clouds sailing overhead.

Only someone with charisma could have discovered the tunnel.

Discovery’s the life pursuit that engages me.

Discovery means finding something  fun.

It's fun to discover neighbors' sleeping and waking habits.

Odd how "uncover" and "discover" can mean the same thing.

Do we need more words, or fewer?  Or are they all rich enough?

Discovering answers came to her through dreamtime.

She entered the room, only to discover the flowers had been taken away.

I discovered I get to live life how I want to.

I found in travel my fuel for discovery.

I see discovery sparkling in her blue eyes each morning.

Discover respect for all creatures great and small.

Now, I have discovered time passes like wind and rain.

When will I discover I can fly?


Lines for this collaborative poem were contributed by these members of the Eastern Village Co-housing Community (Silver Spring, MD), January 2007.  Daniel Barash, Megan Tracy Benson, Louisa Davis, Rodney Elin, David Fogel, Naomi Friedman, JoAnne Growney, Tom Jennings, Jay KapLon, Nancy KapLon, Ed King, Joan King, Beth LeaMond, Dede Ordin, Anne Thompson.  The line-arrangement, shown above, was made by JoAnne Growney.

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