Here are 35 Sentences contributed (Feb 9-March 23) by visitors to Gateway’s Heliport Gallery Exhibit CONVERGENCES featuring the paintings of Tom Block and Karim Chaibi.  Visitors are invited to find a poem in these lines by selecting those few or many sentences that seem to work together.  Found poems may be submitted to gallery director David Fogel.

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A chasm may converge at one end, pointing toward communication.

Abraham, our common father, the touchstone of our convergence.

And once in a while desire and conviction converge.

Belief and non-belief convergeNirvana  (or the Tao).

Converge, convergence — what do these words really mean? 

Convergence is the potent art of commonality.

Convergence of winter to spring, robins and eggs, road and horizon, the opposites, the oneness.

Convergences of thought, aspiration to history, will lead us up the harmonious path.

“Everything that Rises Must Converge,” a title from Flannery O’Connor. 

I am sure that, somewhere, two roads converge in a yellow wood.

I will converge with my friends.

In a true convergence of cultures, great joy emerges.

In the way that wildebeests converge at the watering hole.

Languages converge where people cannot.

My ideas, thoughts, realizations swirl into a convergence of belief.

Open our eyes—the convergence is clear.

Past and present converge, at least in the mind.

Peace, peace, peace, will see us converge in justice.

Shall we converge—on a nervous breakdown?

Some points of view are skewed and will not converge.

The art converges into something not bad but intersecting religion.

Upon convergence, life folds upon itself, creating a powerful reality.

Waves of dripping color converge with life and spirit.

Where hearts converge, peace reigns.

Where lines, creativity, and color converge, the spirit of the world is conveyed.

With luck, the egg and sperm converge—a child is born.

Words converge into poems; words diverge into art.  


Sentences without the C-words (converge(s), convergence(s)):


Grodie, grungy beans on the floor and art on the walls—please be careful.

If no community today—look to the past.

It’s invisible.

Let us work together day and night so that the life and work of MLK, Ghandi, and others will not have been in vain.

Omar Khayam and Rumi have finally reached agreement.

Paper scraps and flying paint create the empty spaces of the void.

Together peace we build, everything we need is near at hand.

Walking in a world where Dali meets Talmudic scholars, where Avicenna has tea with Luria.


These sentences were gathered and compiled by JoAnne Growney. 

Here are the contributors to Gateway’s Heliport Gallery of sentences on “convergence” who gave permission to use their names.   In all, 33 contributors gave us 35 sentences. One of these people asked not to be acknowledged.  CONTRIBUTORS:  Harry Appleman , Juanita Bailey, Lora Berg , Jonathan Bernstein, Nadine Block, Martine Brizius, Abraham Chaibi, Jennifer Deseo, Carole Douglis, David Fogel,  Rachel and Joseph Freidl, Jody Gabriel, Peter D Goodwin, Paul Grayson, JoAnne Growney, Steve Hill, Mary E. Hunt, Tom Jennings, Kathy Kahn, Amy Kincaid, Joan King, Hannah Klein, Dede Ordin, Guy Djoken, Alice Pascaler, Maria Petringa, Marilinne Ross, Frank Solomon, Jack Vogel, Flora Wolf, Patti Zenteno.


YOU are invited to examine these sentences and find within them lines that make a poem.

E-mail your FOUND POEM to David Fogel at Gateway’s Heliport Gallery.

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